Some people are born into this world with a clear purpose. To such individuals the highly complex mechanical workings of a clock represent a natural and intuitive sequence. Michel Parmigiani, the founder of the watch manufacturer Parmigiani in Fleurier, is one of the extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives to the tick tock of mechanical time-measure mechanics. This singularity of purpose is clearly visible in every minute detail of his creations, each of which satisfies the highest horological standards.
In the world of High Horology, the question of investment is often a key decider. With Parmigiani, however, a new factor comes into play. That of personal luxury (perhaps the most authentic kind?).
Buying a Parmigiani wristwatch might constitute a lesser investment compared to other brands in the category. But the question remains: is there any real connection between the search for beauty and perfection, and value growth or investment? Could the glowing recognition of the relentless beauty of detail and perfection not in fact be considered priceless?
In our opinion Parmigiani watches have the power to evoke this ongoing emotional interaction from its wearer. Even after weeks of wearing one of these creations, a new detail might reveal itself, bringing a smile to the lips of the wearer, and renewing the experience of wonder.

The source of this magic might very well lie in Michel Parmigiani’s decades of experience as restorer of antique automats and watches, which have served as important inspiration. Or perhaps it is simply the incomparable focus on pure beauty and perfection that manifests in each of Parmigiani Fleurier’s creations.